Ahead of the Public Interest Law Gathering, the Legal Resources Centre will be hosting a full-day workshop on openness and accountability, focusing on information rights in the digital age. This workshop comes at a particularly apt time in light of recent reports of civil society organisations being the target of unlawful surveillance activities. The aim of the workshop is to debate the difficult and topical questions around issues such as mass surveillance, restricted access to information, public and private sector accountability and transparency, as well as the role of the media and civil society.

The workshop will address these and other timeous concerns, and will consist of a mix of panel discussions and interactive workshops. We will also be screening the Edward Snowden documentary, “Citizen Four”.

Topics on the day will include: Digital rights activism, privacy in the digital age, the role of information in achieving accountability and the power of the media. Panellists will include leading lawyers, journalists, technologists, academics and activists with experience in this field.

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