Proposed List of Panels for PILG 2014

15 Proposed Panel Topics for PILG 2014

Policing and Protest post-Marikana
Using Budget Analysis for Strategic Litigation to Advance Human Rights
What does the Increasing Contempt of Court Orders Mean for the Rule of Law?
Chapter 9 Institutions
Commissions of Inquiry: A Critical Review
The Impact of Gender on the Realisation of the Rights to Health Care and Education
Litigation on Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Rights: A Regional Perspective
Litigation and Litigation Practice
Use of Research in Public Interest Law
Costs in Pro Bono Matters
The Right to Health Care in the Public and Private Sectors: Market Enquiry and National Health Insurance
The Necessity of Transforming the South Africa Legal Profession
The Importance of Community Legal Education and Constitutional Literacy Programmes
Informal Traders, Access to Livelihoods and the Enforcement of Municipal By-Laws
Challenges with the South African Criminal Justice System

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